home sellers

always use an anonymous safe address!

The great advantage of the internet is that your business information is shared instantly with millions of people.   But so is your address.   Whether you are trading via Ebay,  Amazon,  or through your own ecommerce website,  internet customers are suspicious of,  and are reluctant to buy from,  any business without a real postal address,  rather than a PO Box.

Selling high value goods? Use a safe address to avoid making you a target for burglars.

don't advertise to burglars

Keeping your real address private is always wise,  but it is particularly important if you are retailing high value or easily liquidable items such as jewellery,  watches,  computers,  mobile phones or SIM cards.   We understand that the vast majority of these goods are single drop shipped,  directly from the manufacturers or importers,  and not supplied from stock held at your home.

Would-be burglars,  however,  are rarely the sharpest pencils in the box!

Angry on-line customers complaining

avoid uninvited visitors

From time to time we have visitors turning up unannounced at our Mail Centres,  occasionally to view products that a customer has advertised for sale,  but more often than not to complain about a purchase or its late delivery.   Then we have a regular trickle of debt collection agents and,  in some cases,  court bailiffs.   Better by far that they knock on our door at 7am rather than yours.

Perhaps even more concerning,  there are an awful lot of strange people  (almost invariably men)  on the internet,  who are just too willing to misconstrue even the most innocent of content.   We know of at least one business customer who was 'stalked' for months after publishing stock images of an attractive female telephone operator on their website!

You can avoid all of these issues by using an anonymous safe address from expost when you trade on-line.


managed business accounts

If our standard business package doesn't fit your needs,  you may like to consider a Managed account.   Subject to the same annual service fee and address verification as any other Business mailbox,  a Managed account means that we can design and deliver bespoke solutions for you on a project by project basis.   Mail handling costs are standard,  see;  fees & charges,  with a fixed surcharge applied per item to cover the cost of the required bespoke handling.

A Managed business account must still be registered by an individual,  with normal proof of ID provided for the named Account Holder.

Repackaging materials for commercial mail distribution

start-up & small businesses

Because we can deliver cost-effective and fully managed mail services at very low volume,  a Managed Business account from expost is an ideal option for new or informal ventures,  especially home-based businesses trading through Ebay or Amazon etc.,  and those taking their first steps into on-line retailing.